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Al-Ula is one of the cities of Saudi Arabia, located in the west of the Arabian Peninsula. It is administratively located in the Madinah area and is about 300 km north of it. This is the name of the location of the valley of the villages between them and the Levant, where the Prophet Muhammad descended on his way to the Battle of Tabuk, and identified a place for a mosque to put its boundaries with bones, built by its people after that and called it Mosque of bones , And was an old called worms and it is known that the reason for the name of the elliptical that it was famous eyes freshwater are suspense and tame, was on the source of the suspension palm trees High-rise is called the highest. The city of Al-Ula is located between two large mountains on the fertile soil where palm trees, citrus and fruits are planted. Groundwater is available at close distances, despite the great scarcity of rain. It is one of the UNESCO's registered archaeological sites and its continental climate is warm in summer and cold in winter followed by about 300 villages.

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