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Sitra Village or Sitra Island is an island in the Capital Governorate of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the east of Bahrain Island in the Arabian Gulf. Located to the south of the capital Manama and the island of Nabih Saleh. The west coast of the island forms the border of Tubli Bay.

Most of the inhabitants of the island live in seven historical villages: the Wadien, the Foreign, the Mercopane, the Mahazah, the village, the Shaila and Abu Al-Aish. There are many uninhabited places, most notably the mother of eggs. Shi'a Muslim population is in Baharna with a large minority of South Asia.

The inhabitants of the Arab Sunni Arab caliphate (including the Buainain tribe that now inhabited the abandoned village of Solid West Jacket) died during the 1920s when most died as a result of smallpox or migrated to their homelands.

Al-Mughira Mosque, a division of the island, is all that remained of the Sunni presence on the island and was closed on March 16, 2011 amid reports of mosque vandalism by Shiite protesters

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