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Manchester is the world's first industrial city and has become a public port with the inauguration of the Manchester Naval Channel, located in northwestern England, with more than 450,000 inhabitants today. Manchester is famous for its outstanding universities and sports clubs. Among its most prominent academic institutes are the University of Manchester, the Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Salford. It is one of the most prominent teams and sports clubs Manchester United and Manchester City.
Manchester is located in the north-west center of England, surrounded by Cheshire Plains from the south and the Pinanes Mountains from the east and the north. The past of this city was associated with the textile industry in particular and with the launching of the industrial revolution (Karl Marx was born), where it was at one time the largest producer of cotton products in the world. But today it has changed and is characterized by being a central city in the media, arts, academia, trade and sports.
Manchester is a convenient city in terms of public transport where the tram network will become the largest in the Kingdom after the completion of expansion. Manchester Airport is central to the city and to northern England, and is the busiest in the UK after London airports, with flight services to many cities in Europe, North America, the Caribbean and Asia. In contrast, trains are an important part of Manchester's transport and communications, with Manchester Piccadilly being the third largest in the Kingdom All are congested. Buses (First, in the north of the city, and Stade Koch in the south) are the preferred means of transportation in Manchester, along with the Metro Link. Metrochatel operates passenger transport in the central region. You can also walk to various sights within and around the city center. Taxis, including black ones, are available on the streets, but cars with a yellow badge must be booked in advance by telephone.
Climate in Manchester is generally mild throughout the year and the temperature degree of temperature ranges at 13 ° C. The months of July and August are the warmest while February comes with the coldest temperatures.
The majority of these communities live in South Africa, with the majority of them from South Asia. These communities live alongside Arab communities, including a predominantly Libyan community in the south of the city.
Manchester City is one of the most famous cities in England and the world in football, with its well-known clubs competing for a fierce competition from their inception. Manchester City was the richest while Manchester United was for the poor, miners and trains. Manchester have two of Europe's biggest stadiums, Old Trafford (the Dream Stadium) and City of Manchester Stadium.

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