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Liverpool is the second largest port city in the UK, in terms of size and importance. Its population is estimated at more than 440,000 in 2007, with a total population of more than one million and one hundred thousand.
Liverpool is located in northwestern Englanda, north of the mouth of the Merzi River in the Irish Sea. To the south of the estuary lies the town of Berkhand, an island from the port of Liverpool. The two cities link a long tunnel running through the river's floor.
The best shopping is the Liverpool one, a pedestrian zone only filled with restaurants and shops. Highlights from the streets of Liverpool are the Bold Street and its parks at the Utters Paul and Soften Park. You can get out of Liverpool in a short drive to the surrounding areas, most notably: Kenyon Hall Farm where you can pick strawberries and buy what you picked. You can go to the small city of Rennecorn, which has a wonderful park called Runcorn, located between Liverpool and Manchester, and there is a village of Lime surrounded by trees and river and beautiful beauty

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