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With coral reefs, rocks and colorful shells, as well as
deep sea landscapes, attracting diving enthusiasts
and the world of the sea. It also has its own public
gardens, tourist hotels and Corniche  Road The city
of Fujairah is the capital of the Emirate of Fujairah
and has the headquarters of government and
government departments. This ancient and ancient
city dates back to before the birth of Christ, "the land
of giants", the first stop of the Phoenicians' migration
to the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. Like other
cities in the United Arab Emirates, which has been
dominated by developments and changes since the
middle of the sixties of the last century. Today,
it is an important economic and commercial center
, Fujairah has also achieved investment success in
several sectors that have been a magnet for
businessmen in the Gulf and the Middle East.
Fujairah International Airport is Fujairah International
Airport and Fujairah Port, two very important trade
and exchange centers between the Arab region and
the Far East. The Municipality of Fujairah has also
taken care to ensure a good environment and
atmosphere for tourism and trade. There has been
a great improvement in environmental services,
pollution and tourism development. There is also
a keen interest in the sea and its resources. Three
marine reserves have been established to preserve
the rare fishery of the East Coast region and to
protect reefs and rocks. Colorful shells and deep
sea landscapes, all of which appeal to divers and
sea lovers. One of the most famous tourist centers
in the city of Fujairah is Ain Shams al-Sulfuriya and
Ain al-Ghamur, Al-Wurarah and Al-Wraya Waterfalls,
Ohelah and Hobeisah Al-Buthna, alongside public By car,
it is also easily accessible from neighboring Amman.
There is a continuous bus traffic between Dubai and
Fujairah (almost every hour), and there is also an active
taxis movement. The city of Fujairah is not particularly
pedestrian friendly, and the dominant mode of transport
is the taxis. One of the monuments that remains in
Fujairah is the citadel (fort) located outside the city.
In Fujairah there is a museum of the history and heritage
of the city and the emirate. For those who wish to swim,
it is best to head to Dibba, 30 km from Fujairah, with
its good beaches. You can also rent a boat from Fujairah
and go out to a very beautiful cruise between the Omani
islands scattered around the city
parks, hotel and tourist projects. All of this has prepared
them to host the World Speedboat Championship tours,
and this is accompanied by sophisticated infrastructure.
The city of Fujairah today enjoys the beautiful Corniche
Street. Fujairah is about two hours away from Dubai

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