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Mersa Matruh

Marsa Matruh (short) is located on the Mediterranean coast, the capital of the province, a port and resort frequented by millions of tourists, who come to relax on the shores of this city of soft white sand. Marsa Matruh was built at a bay around which rocks form a natural barrier to the waves. Marsa Matrouh is located west of Alexandria and is worshiped about 200 km, and on its eastern side is the Libyan border. At the time of the ancient history of Marsa Matrouh, the Pharaohs were a small fishing town. At the time of Alexander the Great, they were known as Ammonia. During the Ptolemaic period and the Byzantine Empire, they were called "Paraitonium" To export goods and crops to Rome. In the midst of the world war Second, the British built a military fortress east of the city. Marsa Matrouh enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with its coolness and warm and dry summers, and is visited in the summer by millions of Egyptian, Arab and foreign tourists. The Ramses II temple, the dilapidated city of Julius Caesar, the sunken seventh palace of Cleopatra, the ruins of the Ptolemaic naval ship, the Coptic Church established in the first Coptic period, and the tomb of Rommel, the famous military commander. Marsa Matruh is also a tourist city The beaches are excellent and attractive, including: a fantastic beach (28 km west of the city center), White Beach (20 km west of the city center), Rommel Beach and Cleopatra Beach. From Marsa Matrouh, a road leads to the Western Desert, up to the Siwa Oasis, about 300 km south. It is also connected by a railway line across Egypt. It is also serviced by Marsa Matrouh Airport.

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