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Jeddah is located west of the Kingdom in the middle of the eastern Red Sea coast, one of the most famous cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the capital of a province of the same name and follow the Emirate of Mecca. Located in the west of the Kingdom in the middle of the eastern Red Sea coast, it is called "Red Bride of the Red Sea", a thriving and large city, the economic and tourist capital of the Kingdom. Jeddah is known for the number of skyscrapers and occupies the first place in the towers and estates projects. The number of towers and estates today is estimated at 135 towers and skyscrapers, with headquarters for international banks and other international companies. With a population of about 3.5 million people, the second largest city in the Kingdom after Riyadh, but the most important sea port on the shores of the Red Sea. Jeddah was founded before 3000 years ago, at the initiative of fishermen, and after them came the tribe of otter 2,500 years ago, and settled. The history of the sea city began when Osman ibn Affan ordered it to be turned into a port that receives pilgrims to Mecca, where it is still today the largest crossing for pilgrims of the sea and air and a large number of pilgrims. Temperatures rise in Jeddah in summer and can exceed 40, and monsoon and marine winds are part of Jeddah climate and weather fluctuations. These winds can sometimes trigger dust and sand storms, accompanied by thunderstorms and rain. Rain is usually in winter, spring and autumn. Jeddah underwent the Islamic Caliphate Abbasid, then the rule of the Mamluks and then the Ottomans. Among its ancient archaeological features, its wall is surrounded by a trench and has two doors, the first from Mecca and the other from the one side the sea. The fence had six towers, and seven doors were opened, but the fence was removed in the middle of the last century due to the expansion of urbanization. Jeddah has been divided inside its walls to several neighborhoods and called the old inhabitants of the city "warm", and it has the following main neighborhoods: Al-Mazloum, Al-Sham neighborhood, Yemen lane, Al-Bahr, Al-Balad, Ruwais and Haret Al-Karantina. In Jeddah many mosques, including old and modern ones, and the most famous mosques are the old: the Shafi'i Mosque and the Mosque of Uthman ibn Affan and the Mosque of Pasha and the Mosque of Akash and mosque architecture and mosque Hanafi and Jafali Mosque. The most famous mosques are: Al Rahma Mosque, King Saud Mosque, Hassan Anani Mosque, Mosque of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Shuaibi Mosque, Aisha Mosque, Al Jafali Mosque and Al Lami Mosque. They also stand out in the city An interesting graveyard is the cemetery of the mother of Eve, which is located in the middle of Jeddah and is believed to have been buried in Eve. In addition to the city wall, there are historic buildings and tourist sites, including: Ibrahim Nasif House, Abraq Al Raghama Building, Ain Al Aziziyah, Ain Al Raghama and Wadi Berman. In addition, Jeddah features modern attractions such as: King's Road Tower, a glass tower with the largest advertising screen in the world, the bride's bride (tourist resort), Jeddah Islamic Port (the largest port on the Red Sea coast) and the King Fahd Fountain Fountain in the world

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