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At the heights of Sarawat, south of Saudi Arabia, in the region called Asir, Abha is located. The area is surrounded by the coastal plains, the forested mountains of Suda, the Qara'a and Jara mountains to the south, and the hills and plains of the east and north. This description may be quite contrary to the picture that most people have of Saudi Arabia as a barren desert. Abha is a mountainous city with a merit of 200 meters above sea level and its climate is moderate throughout the year, with a maximum summer temperature of only 30 ° C. In the winter it tends to cold and the temperature reaches 5 degrees. Its climate is also affected by winter rainfall And seasonal ones located on either side of the equator. From here, this city is an ideal place for the summer and enjoy a natural climate and nature, and this is what the Saudi tourists discovered before tourists from outside the Kingdom. There are those who believe that this civilization is only "preserved" or "Haba", the city that was inhabited by the Queen of Sheba Balqis, and from there was sending gifts to the Prophet Solomon. The present city grew in its beginnings around the Shada palace of a local emir and then built small villages around it, all of them in one urban area. The Palace today is a museum of folklore. Abha is a junction for a number of major streets in the Kingdom, and access is not a problem At all, these main roads are: Taif Road, Jizan Road, Khamis Mushait Road, Najran Road, Jeddah Coastal Road and Wadi Al Dawaser Road. Bridges and tunnels were dug at a time when Abha Airport is the fourth airport at the Kingdom's airports in terms of annual passenger numbers. The city of Abha is located in Asir, and this region is famous for its many monuments, dating back to different eras and old times. And her father herself surrounded by castles of the Ottoman era, and there are many drawings and engravings in the Sudo and Dalkan, where Abha built a museum in which a number of archaeological finds in Asir. As a result of the excellent climate and the abundance of historical monuments, the city of Abha was named "Bride
Al-Jabal, "where you will find many parks and very beautiful, the most important: Asir National Park, with an area of ​​450,000 hectares, including six natural sites; Jara Park; Al-Sahab Park; Al-Shaaf Park and Wadi Al-Mahalla Park. Al-Ta'if Bridge, Al-Khamis Bridge Gardens and Al-Dabab Park As a major transportation hub and tourist area attracting tens of thousands of people, it is also the capital of Asir and its administrative center.

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